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Call to schedule a free initial consultation. I will meet with you at your property to brainstorm with you about your ideas. During that meeting I will be able to guide you on how best to approach your project.



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Design Generation

  My Ground Landscapes provides a comprehensive...

  Inspiring design elements include beautiful gathering...

  For each project we provide a meticulous set of plans that...

Project Installation

  You can choose the way your work with us. We can build...

  We immerse ourselves with the transformative nature...

  Practical installation is an art and is founded on the...



My Ground Landscapes as a business began in 1994 amidst a charming small town environment that encouraged (and pressured) a lot of diversification and variety of projects. This was partly because landscaping is an art business and partly because a small town provides only so much work in any one aspect. My background has always been in design. When I was perhaps 6 or 7 years old I saw a plant brochure of a protected grassy area surrounded by a variety of trees, evergreen shrubs, and flowers. I have been building environments ever since. Secret gardens, surprising turns, sneaky bits of remembrance, hidey-holes, energy collectors, restorative sanctuary, dynamic entertaining spaces… You get the idea. My educational pursuits led me through architecture, engineering, art, dance, theater, music, and martial arts. It all seems to wind up in my designs as subtle understandings about how we relate to our environments, how things relate to each other, and how each piece wants to find its place. I look and feel for energy. I hunt down what I call "being places". I keep shaking the box with all the project design pieces until they harmonize in a beautifully orchestrated whole. If they don't go together, I keep shaking! It's the basis of what I have termed the "Seed Crystal Design Method". Shake-a shake-a, shake-a shake-a... Fast forward to today, and My Ground Landscapes is at the forefront of outdoor space creation. Whether it is envisioning, building, or coordinating, we are your partners in turning ideas into realities. Reach out for a free initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you.

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